Being proud to be American and flag-waving nationalism are nothing new, especially on the Right. In contrast, the mainstreaming of once-fringe positions like open borders and believing the U.S. today is an oppressive "white supremacist" patriarchal tyranny is new. Yet by your narrative, the entirety of our growing political division is down to Republicans, who are actually behaving about as they always have.

Scores of political campaigns on the Left push women and minorities to believe, irrespective of evidence, that their lives are in peril, every moment under threat of rape and being shot by police. Even as those risks are in decline and factoring in differential crime rates, blacks are not at greater risk of being shot by police. And even if those campaigns were evidence-based, they still comport with the TMT model by promoting existential terror.

On the Right, there's no question that Trump fearmongers about illegal immigrants, which research shows are actually less dangerous than natives even with MS-13 thrown in. So fearmongering is bipartisan. But wanting people to only enter the U.S. legally is not a new radical position that could by itself explain growing division. In fact, the only real change on this topic is on the Left, who since Trump took office decided illegal entry into the U.S. no longer matters.

The changes that are driving division are mostly the rise of intersectional identity politics on the Left that demonizes everything on the Right, even positions once dominant on the Left like strong borders, as evil racism, sexism, this and that phobia. In contrast, and by their nature, conservatives don't change much.