I am not sure why legalization of marijuana is such a controversial subject when there are more deaths related to alcohol consumption and long term smoking. In fact, I feel all illicit drug use should be decriminalized and its use well regulated and monitored, such a move can potentially save many individuals who die from heroin over-dose. Not to mention the immense cost and resources that gets wasted from police enforcement which is only becoming more challenging as time progresses.
I am pretty sure legalizing drugs would eventually cripple the illegal drug trafficking just as legal prostitution destroys the inhuman illegal sex trafficking trade. Thankfully here, unlike USA prostitution is legal.
Unfortunately, people don't really think about these issues adequately and just react emotionally or from fixed sociopolitical conditioning instead of intellectually responding.

In all honesty, generally I think most women are just a walking paradox, they usually prefer making easier collective group decisions rather than making well thought rational individual based decision. Feminism tenets are mostly contradictory in nature.
So I am not surprised by the results about women's view on legalization of marijuana. It may take sometime before the group change their views.
Generally, liberalism or liberal values that women promote are antagonistic to socialist government that women also support. Socialism will only be useful if autocratic governance is used. Hence, that alone is a significant political paradox.

Now in relation to the current sociosexuality cultural norm of many modern societies in the western countries, the unfolding of the present sociosexual culture is particularly interesting.
It may or may not be associated to marijuana use but the overall role of marijuana use in relation to current sociosexual state is totally insignificant.

The fundamental reason for the current sociosexual state is primarily based on opposing male and female reproductive strategies, just like how Nature determined it at the very beginning. Monogamy benefits females while polygamy benefits males.

The real cause for today's sociosexual state is female emancipation or liberty and the so called "sexual revolution" that happened not too long ago. How? Let's see....
Firstly, emancipation is not an inherent feminine quality simply due to high reproductive cost and low reproductive capacity especially significant among humans due to very high parenting cost from energy expenditure. In Nature, independence is intrinsically a masculine trait, as it's always been for a long time, nothing new mainly because male reproductive cost and capacity is completely inverse to that of a female. So the only social change that happened in the last few decades is female emancipation, which contributed notably to today's sociosexual state.

Example, in the past around the 1950s under more structured patriarchy more women valued their families and respected their husbands. In addition, women were the minority in colleges/educational institution and in the workforce. Thus, sexuality conformed and was determined by female sexual preference, such as committed relationships, widespread virginity, faithful partners, early marriage, stable birth rates, low divorce rates. Male violence and sexual assault of women were also low because women's safety was protected and controlled by their husbands. It also motivated more men to be ambitious in their careers and driven to increase their status because that ensured men will have better sexual access to women.

In contrast to the past, now in 2019, solely due the ignorance of women desiring to be like men while loathing their own feminine identity due to misguidance by feminist, the whole sociosexual situation that mainly benefited women in 1950s has now completely become upside down.
Today, women are the majority in colleges and given protected employment.
However, sexuality now has shifted towards male preference, so men mainly determine today's sexual behaviours and norms, such as plenty of sex without commitment, delayed marriage, extra-dyadic copulations, short term mating strategies like serial monogamy dominates, extensive porn use and prostitution service, etc.
This also causes more women to remain single, divorce rates including single mother numbers are increasing, birth rates are dropping, and unfortunately male violence, domestic abuse and rape cases will becoming more frequent. Moreover, stress levels, mental health issues and fertility issues are also seen to be increasing among women today.

Today, ignorantly it is becoming fashionable to fallaciously blame men, gender roles, and masculinity for the oppression and victimization of women which quite frankly is getting quite annoying. Men and masculinity have become the default fabricated reason, especially "patriarchy", feminist's usual "bogeyman".
When women were the minority in the past, it was misconstrued women were victims of oppressive discrimination by men. Now that women are a majority, victimology is still utilized because women not being able to dictate the terms of sexual behaviour and romantic relationship.

Therefore, women should be aware of the fundamentals of sexual reproduction and actually be truthful in relation to what do they really want in Life. One cannot ignorantly expect to have everything in life nor foolishly attempt to bite off more than they can chew.
There is no free lunch in this Universe, so rest assured nobody can attempt to deceitfully enjoy "the best both worlds" without paying the relevant cost.
This world is all about 'trade-offs", a simple but vital rule in life to ensure a constant dynamic balance is maintained in this Universe. Life is just too Great!!!