I agree with may of the points made in your article.
In my opinion 1% of the population is a gross misrepresentation of the incidence of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Where does this statistic come from? Those with pathological narcissism very rarely seek support or diagnosis because they cannot self reflect and would vehemently deny that they have flaws.
If you haven't lived with a NPDd individual, you cannot know or truly understand the horror that it is, how damaging it is to the victim emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. I have a significant brain impairment along with Complex PTSD, HPA axis dis-regulation; and compromised nervous, cardiovascular, endocrine, digestive and immune systems with chronic insomnia for many years.
There is so much written benignly regarding NPD (which is often co-morbid with other personality disorders) that is in no way a reflection of the reality of what the victims of this endure without knowing what is going on .... they know there is something terribly wrong however due to the damaging psychological manipulation from the NPDd individual, they do not attribute the problem to the perpetrator. The perpetrator twists and distorts reality and calls the victim crazy time and time again.
Gaslighting, projection, plausible deniability, word salad, blame, denial in the face of absolute proof, mental, emotional and physical abuse, to name just a few. Their typical behaviour of scapegoating (launching a continual smear campaign about the victim purely for narcissistic supply) which continues throughout the relationship without the victim knowing - however more and more people treat the victim with disdain over time, believing the NPDd individual's lies. We comment about the abuse from others and are told by the N that it never happened, you're crazy.
Then one day, after seeing countless psychologists, counsellors and psychiatrists over decades...... one counsellor finally expresses "he has no empathy, he has low emotional intelligence, he doesn't care about you, get out of the relationship, he will destroy you."
Professionals who do not understand the reality of horror that reigns on victims and causes long term damage, do much secondary damage to the victim. There needs to be more known about this, not simply quoting from the DSM5.