"I allowed you to live"!! This is what my mother screamed at me when I started to distance myself from her. I had to in order to protect my kids and save my marriage.
I didn't expect my mother to engage my sisters, dad aunts and uncles, even neighbors. My sisters would call me non stop harrasing me, telling me I was awful. I asked one sister why she was doing this to me, and she said it was because mother was mad at me. It just got crazier and through the years the lies that were told about me were shocking. My mother and sisters actually believed I had an affair with my sister's husband. ( my brother in law told the family I came on to him.....another narcissist)!
I really could have used some therapy and some understanding of what I was dealing with! Eventually I did find a therapist who helped to understand about personality disorders like what my mother probably had.
My mother is dead. My sisters still behave like they are programmed from her grave.
So thankful those horrible years are behind me.