Everything said is so true and well- presented. The narcissist is toxic and will stop at nothing to get the edge. This is my mother. I am a grown adult and share the same house with my mother 'The Warden' and my 2 boys. I do everything possible to protect my kids from what I experienced with a Narcissistic mother. I tell them the things she says and does is not normal. Narcissists are master manipulators of young minds and emotions. Once you remove all emotion out of any correspondance, it does become easier to swallow. Just remember, when a narcissist tries to take stabs at you or your kids, just deflect them as a diseased mind. Use invisible armour. It is not about you, it is about them. It always will be about them. You just have to be smarter than them. If they see an open wound, they will go in for the kill. There will be no empathy.