My ex-husband was a covert narcissist and did all of the things you talk about in this article to me. I knew it was coming but was still shocked by some of it. He turned 2 of my good friends against me and bad-mouthed me to every single person that would listen, and some that wouldn't. I lost every friend I'd made in the town I'd lived in for 25 years except for 2 that saw through him from the beginning. Luckily my family stuck by me, and my friends from A.A., because they knew me -- all of me -- and knew him, too. He didn't even bother with them because they were "below him" anyway. I still can't even bear to think of what he's told my children that they might actually believe. I hope that someday they'll come to understand that it was all a lie. Getting out and having as little contact as possible (and no contact if you don't have children together), is the only way to find peace and happiness again. I am happier now than I ever thought was possible. Happy, joyous and free.