Anonymous wrote:

My mother and sisters actually believed I had an affair with my sister's husband. ( my brother in law told the family I came on to him.....another narcissist)!

They didn't believe. They made it up intentionally just so they could kill time talking about how pathetic you were. My mom was spreading the same rumor about my dad. She admitted to me that she was creating problems because we had none. The plan belonged to my narc sister. She wanted to take over their house by breaking their marriage. They physically assaulted him. Broke his leg. I was the only one supporting him. Did it do anything? No. He went around saying he was never assaulted and supported them to force me into mental ward when my sis threw a plate at me and I called 911. Fortunately, she was the one who got threatened by the cops once they came to our house.

I feel your sisters were trying to get you out of the family for their own profitable reason.