Feminism is destroying the Western world. But it's not women who are to blame. It's the weak men enabling them. Both conservative men and male feminist. Both are giving women what they want every time they throw a tantrum. Women are just like little children. Giving them candy whenever they throw a tantrum shuts them up for a couple minutes. But it turns them into monsters in the long-term. Modern Western women don't need more rights. They need a good old fashion spanking. But the state is in the way of men restoring order right now. So the only thing to do is wait until the hole system crashes. And distance ourselves from women and society as much as possible until it does. Deprive the system from resources, labour and support. And just let it burn. We can build a new society when it's over. At that time we had some years of mass rape, murder, war and absolute chaos. Women will appreciate and gladly submit to a protector/provider again at that point.