The critical theme in pretty much all treatment of men is that men are responsible for their own lives. This means that successful men are seen as responsible for their own success, and unsuccessful men are responsible for their lack of success.

This personal responsibility goes so far that men who don't get help are blamed for not finding help. Strictly speaking, men aren't society's problem, period. A man's suffering is simply an annoyance that he is supposed to fix and not bother us with.

This is in large part why men develop differently from women. When women are upset, we care. When women feel helpless, we care. We want to "empower women." We want women to feel respected, important, secure. Whenever women don't feel these things, it's society's fault.

This is a COMPLETELY different position to be in. When a woman comes to a psychologist and says "I'm miserable" the first thought is not "well you're probably full of toxic femininity." Instead, the first thought is "It's terrible that you feel bad. Let's fix it, quickly." Any means necessary is find -- government help, divorcing her husband, having an affair, leaving her kids behind -- what ever she needs to do to make her own pain end is fine.

Males kill themselves more because they have so few other paths. Because males are held so ruthlessly responsible for their own problems, the more problems they have the more worthless and burdensome to society they are, and the more society will try to avoid helping them.

As a man, it's so important for your own individual health to recognize this. Society isn't going to help you. Society wants to take from you, and if you have nothing to give, you have no value. Start from recognizing this, and you will at least be much better positioned to protect yourself. Nobody else is going to protect you.