Well, in case you feel social loneliness, you will hardly joing a rumba class in a small town or in a countryside...

So factor number 1 - where you live.

Factor number 2 -
what age group do you belong to.

Factor number 3 -
your compatibility. (Our brains differ a lot. It might be dangerous or futile to search for emotional closiness if the circumstances are not auspicious.

So... whoever is trying to solve this issue today - take it easy. It is ok to look at a computer display even though your eyes hurt a bit.

The worst this is the stress ( no matter where it comes from - "too much screen time", "not enough proactive behaviour", "lack of rumba classes in your neighbourhood" )...

Lawrence Durrell - Labyrinth (I would say this book is about self-acceptance combined with the acceptance of our surroundings and/or our companions)