I find it disturbing, yet somewhat fascinating that Liberals are the ones that are so upset when horrible events occur that their policies and ideology are indirectly responsible for. Take a look at mass shootings over the past 60 years. Before 1960 there were very few to no mass shootings yet far more people had guns than do now. Since 1960 the violence has gotten worse and worse until now where it is occurring with regularity. The AR-15 was designed in mid 1950s and other semi-auto rifles were available back then as well as the 1911 semi-auto pistol that was available since, well, 1911. So same guns now as back then, far more guns per capita and a larger percentage owned guns BACK THEN, yet hardly any mass shootings. So we know that guns are NOT the cause of this (besides the stats, they are inanimate objects) but what is? Culture. Ideology. Philosophy. Morals. What started gaining cultural influence in the 60's and has only gotten more ingrained until today where it is now dominating? Liberalism.

Are you a Liberal? YOU are partially to blame for this degrading culture! Do you vote for Liberals? YOU are partially to blame for these mass shootings! All of your clients that feel like crap because of the way the world is SHOULD feel guilty because THEY are the problem! Trump isn't Mr Sunshine and Rainbows by any means but he is the FIRST president since Reagan that has tried to undo all the Liberal corruption and cultural degradation the Left has brought to this country and the world. Liberals are supposed to be so smart yet they keep heading the same damn direction as things get worse and worse. They are like a drug addict that keeps blaming anyone but themselves while things spin out of control.

So I say to you: "Psychologist, Heal Thyself!"