Thank you for your response to the article. I am a big fan of Captain Tom as his methods has helped me immensely with my flight anxiety as well as I have been able to apply his techniques into daily life. However the one thing that keeps haunting me is the notion that because I have yelled at my child - I have messed her up. This is the message I continuously get from his articles and I find myself having to refrain from reading them at times. I am just a human being trying my best to parent the best that I can. Reading that yelling at your child just once makes me feel like I complete failure and sends me in to panic mode because I have defiantly yelled more than once, twice or three times. It makes me feel that I have messed my kids up emotionally and that perhaps the normal challenges we have with our teenager (although nothing serious) are my fault. Reading your response gives me hope that there is other research showing that it takes far more than one time to result in damage. I know I’m not the only parent out there yelling at my kids. I wish Captain Tom would add to his articles how to do things different moving forward and give real tools and suggestions on how to help parents work with their kids in a better way. Instead of leaving me feeling shamed and helpless.