Hi Eleanor,

Re: your comment: “First of all, where is the "father?" Mothers are blamed more often than fathers and to that I object.” I made it clear that the father yelled at the boy as well. I made it clear that both parents failed at hands-on parenting. How could I have better satisfied your needs?

You don’t believe research? You say children are more resilient than the research showed. Children are not born psychologically resilient. Psychological resilience comes from relationship. Without good human-to-human relatedness, psychological resilience doesn’t develop.

You say, “So, let's stop putting so much pressure on parents who are struggling to do their best.” Really. I know this person. In no way did she struggle to do her best. Her struggle was how to push her kids aside so she could play more tennis, take more dance lessons, and spend more time with friends who told her what a great mom she was.

This blog is not about putting pressure on anyone. It is about helping parents who want to raise healthy kids. It is about helping adults who don’t understand why they lack resilience or lack emotional regulation. That is what my book “Panic Free: The 10-Day Program to End Panic, Anxiety, and Claustrophobia” is - in part - about; the other part being how to fix it.