I’m already on a handful of meds. I’ve been doing a lot of research on amino acids and neurotransmitters, I read an article about GABA and L theanine helping with focus, stress, anxiety, and depression. I decided to try adding them. Prior to these I was taking a supplement called Adrenal Success for a over a month. Lately my moods are highly unstable, I’m having an extremely hard time focusing and my brain feels like it’s working on overtime. I get to the point where it becomes extremely hard to think or make a decision or remember anything. I forget what I’m going to say in the middle of sentences. I’m tired of being on meds. I was told it was going to be for life. I’ve been on them so long I don’t know what is worse because I’ve been on them for 20 something years, the illness or the side effects. All I know is I have constant bowel issues, dry mouth that can be almost painful, and mush for a brain. Any suggestions?