I helped a friend get an out-of-court settlement for black racism. Not only were the managers themselves black racists, but they of course failed to take disciplinary measures against black racist subordinates. Had the races been reversed - white racist managers and black plaintiffs - the settlement amount would have been much higher.

In 2015, on Obama's watch, Louis Farrakhan called for 10,000 volunteers to "stalk them and kill them", referring to white people. He was not prosecuted or even investigated.

You cited an author affiliated with the New York Times. The NY Times hired flaming ant-white, anti-male, and anti-white male bigot Sarah Jeong despite having full knowledge of her bigotry, and in fact defended her hire after the fact.

You think that white people are advantaged? Please consider that white men account for 75% of suicides, and white women another 15% of the total. The disproportionate suicide rates call the concept of advantage into question.

As for absence of meaning, Dr. Warren Farrell points out, in his book "The Boy Crisis", how the absence of meaning has especially impacted boys and young men. Dr. Farrell notes the "failure to launch", the absence of fathers as a result of divorce court bias, declining male college enrollments (men now make up 39% pf college students), and the four-times-greater male suicide rates. Even boys in kindergarten have been accused of having "toxic masculinity"

Racism and bigotry clearly work in many different directions.