Great question, Kara. I would have to give that more thought. My initial answer is that at the level of spirit, we're all made of the same stuff, and thus the same.

I don't know at which level individual differences are introduced. It makes me think of my recent podcast interview with Laurie Warren (it's on the Think Act Be podcast if you look it up, I can't link to it) where she talked about a level between the completely unified "spirit" and the part of ourselves that has experiences—maybe something like a soul, that bridges the divine and the material.

So I guess it comes down to what we mean when we say "selves." To the extent it's something we've carved out as separate from others, then it would seem to have differences, but at a high enough level, those differences fall away. I suppose it's like matter that way—if you go small enough it's all just energy, maybe. (I'm not a physicist :) For what it's worth! Thanks for asking.