I always have too much noise in my head too.
And whenever I do finally 'shut down', I always "power back up" ( I don't know what else to call it right now ) and doubt. Probably because for years, I've been told over and over that "mindfulness is just comforting delusional New Age woo" and "woo special snowflake syndrome" by people online, even by some of my co-workers, and told to watch a YouTube channel by Robert W Lester who debunks ( mostly low hanging fruit. I can't take New Agers and 97% of the people Lester rants about seriously ) 'New Age woo woo' phenomena and people such as Eckhart Tolle ( I take everybody and everything with a grain of salt, but that's not the point ), etc. It's been drilled into my head for so long.
It's annoying, but I guess I just need to learn to shake it off and just 'go with it'.