Homophobia has a major impact on the LGBT community. From harassment to assaults or even murder, members of the LGBT have constantly been belittled and outcast-ed. When someone is afraid to come out as homosexual for fear of retaliation from family, friends, and strangers; they can fall into depression and feel unaccepted by anyone. Meth, as well other drugs, can temporarily numb that depression. Wayne & Edwards (1994) stated that depression motivates a person to analyse their environment for information that makes their life more understandable and controllable. Meth as well as other controlled substances are an outlet for that depression and can allow for a temporary feeling of acceptance. The twelve step programs mentioned above can have an positive effect on users, assuming they do not relapse. But would better access to mental health and other such services be a more effective treatment? An effort to keep the original onset of depression under control could help to prevent the subjects from even taking that first puff on a pipe or using their first needle, which would also have an impact on our HIV/AIDS rates.