As long as this problems and these deaths are attributed to "over prescribing opioids," the death rate will continue to climb. In state after state we see the death rate climb, when opioids are restricted and no longer prescribed.

No research has been done on how turning a public health crisis into a marketing campaign, for everything from fly by night treatment centers to alternative medicine, is causing and increase in deaths.
Psychologists are still blaming this crisis on medical care, even though most of those opiates were delivered outside the supply chain. For 22 years now psychologists chose to demonize people with chronic pain and blame them for this. Some of this was at the request of big pharma to hide how they were able to avoid regulations, market these drugs, and avoid prosecution.

Psychologists have made an awful lot of money and made themselves famous misreporting this issue. That would explain why 22 years out, the deaths are continuing to rise. Data and facts tell us that whatever they are doing is creating more addicts, ruining lives and perpetuating more suicides.

Psychologists have been instrumental in adding to the death toll. All one has to do is look at how they have been marketing this public health issue. Of course in psychology, and marketing, long term outcomes, suicides and deaths are not counted. There is no requirement to look at the ethics or consequences of their continued false narrative. This scourge has been profitable, and using fear, deaths,and suicides in marketing, is good for their customer engagement.

I wonder how many more people will die, how many lives will be ruined, before they will look at this problem objectively or scientifically. Of course none of these self described "experts' has to see the results of their actions daily. They are not aware of the generational damage they have done. At least they made some money, and got corporate funding for their efforts.