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Thats the start of and I believe the end of my first self-solo-at-home rehab, I went on to free myself of an 12 year severe addiction to opioids after finding out they had induced psychosis for well, 12 years leaving me bankrupt once and so far being 75k in debt from my last suicide long ago(which aforementioned ideation ended after the opioids) Anyways, I fucked myself up though, but I've had absolutely zero months of relapse, I've remained clean since the site above and the unreleased notes during the opioid cold-turkey woes which followed... I wouldn't ever suggest doing it how I did though, my mind is/was ruined at one point, I mean this—I was on Norco for 10-11 months while my mother was dying from Stage IV cancer and that also induced major psychosis episodes from mixed maniacal to basic hypo-manic etc. then I ended that after coming to the conclusion post suicide ideation coming back and other things akin to the issue before that decimated me—I had saints for parents, they died as I "woke up" and the world was so different and at first beautiful then cold and worthless yet I stayed/stuck to sobriety, I've lost most social skills, having no one to help you through such a drastic mental change and then to lose the two people you loved the most both in succession to cancer, having family drop out leaving me the only one with a disabiling mental illness as the care taker, and never relapsing, so I figure fuck me, I maybe have something somewhere in which I could help a lot... I just have to remember how to reach out, this is an absurd start but I won't be back nor aware I'm sure after I wake up tmw. I seriously, sincerely—destroyed a large part of me—life, as well, loves it's irony's'.. Good luck.