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Have you looked at the data? The comments on this site do not allow me to post links, but read the Washington Post article, "The share of Americans not having sex has reached a record high" published this year. NORC at the University of Chicago's General Society Survey found that in 2018, 28% of men between 18 to 30 have had no sex in the past year, while only 18% of young women reported the same. Young men are clearly involuntary celibate--or incel--in disproportionate numbers.
Maybe older men from previous generations could have marriages and love. They didn't have to compete with hundreds to thousands of men from online dating sites (and remember, even if you don't online date, the woman you're pursuing very well might). They also didn't have to deal with a culture where relationships are completely disposable assets to those who can get them.
Times have changed. You're looking at anecdotes and examples from previous generations that didn't have the same ruinous factors as we do today.