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Have you looked at the data? The comments on this site do not allow me to post links, but read the Washington Post article, "The share of Americans not having sex has reached a record high" published this year. NORC at the University of Chicago's General Society Survey found that in 2018, 28% of men between 18 to 30 have had no sex in the past year, while only 18% of young women reported the same. Young men are clearly involuntary celibate--or incel--in disproportionate numbers.

False. There is no evidence that it's involuntary. You just made that part up.


Maybe older men from previous generations could have marriages and love. They didn't have to compete with hundreds to thousands of men from online dating sites

The numbers don't matter because the numbers haven't changed. There were just as many women competing for the same number of men, etc. as in the old days.


Times have changed. You're looking at anecdotes and examples from previous generations that didn't have the same ruinous factors as we do today.

Your grasp of social history is lacking. Decades ago they had lots of "personals" columns, and in those, women would routinely specify that a guy had to be 6 feet tall, minimum. It's what many women say, just like many guys will say she has to be "hot". So each side looking for the hottest and tallest is NOTHING NEW AT ALL. But eventually, they all realize that there are other qualities that matter too, and so the VAST MAJORITY today find someone to have a relationship and a marriage with, which is the SAME as in the past. It's just that the process for getting there has changed a little in a superficial sense.

But to suggest that somehow it was all "better" in the old days is just silly romanticizing. Anybody from the old days can tell you of the painful experiences of women at dances where they were "wallflowers" or men who were rejected by every girl at the dance, right in front of their peers.