>There is no evidence that it's involuntary
Are you suggesting those 28% of men just don't want any sort of relationship or love, which is the loudest voice in human instinct next to survival? That doesn't sound particularly realistic.

>The numbers haven't changed
The numbers have changed, though. If you look at the GSS, you can see that. In 1989, the earliest date provided by the GSS, the "celibacy" rate was ~15.5% for men and ~13% for women. In 2008 it was 10% for men and ~8% for women. In 2018, that jumped to 28% for men and 18% for women. It seems that a slightly smaller number of women women are competing for a significantly smaller number of men that fit their standards.

>Your grasp of social history is lacking.
I understand where you're coming from, but personal columns in newspapers don't even compare to modern dating websites in terms of volume and societal saturation. The effect of this is that there are now thousands of choices. You aren't just limited to the 6 foot+ men in your local area who happened to read the newspaper that day--you have choices from literally thousands of guys in ~50+ mile radius. With volumes like that, who wouldn't selectively and only choose the best of the best? Men would do exactly the same if they had the chance.