Anonymous wrote:

>There is no evidence that it's involuntary
Are you suggesting those 28% of men just don't want any sort of relationship or love, which is the loudest voice in human instinct next to survival? That doesn't sound particularly realistic.

Yes, I'm suggesting exactly that, now that young people are no longer feeling the pressure of parents wanting grandchildren etc. Many young men actually prefer porn, video games and pizza and are too scared to ask out the girl down the street, and don't feel they have the time for it anyway. I know more than one 30-year-old woman who despairs about the lack of men who are interested dating these days.

As for "involuntarily celibate", that's a total misnomer if not total bull donkey. Any many with a small amount of cash can easily get an attractive young escort for a guaranteed hour of fun. It can be arranged in just hours. So stop with the bullsheet.

You're spending way too much time putting your own made-up interpretation on social numbers. You're making up the assumption that it's "involuntary". The fact remains that eventually, the vast majority of people have relationships, marry, and have children. Case closed.


I understand where you're coming from, but personal columns in newspapers don't even compare to modern dating websites in terms of volume and societal saturation. The effect of this is that there are now thousands of choices.

Completely misguided. There may be thousands of "choices", as in, "what you can flip through on a screen", but the ACTUAL NUMBER OF CHOICES AVIALABLE to you is EXACTLY the same. Exactly. The number of women and men has not changed. The ratio is the same. You might find 10,000 hot women to look at, and women might find 10,000 6-foot tall guys to look at and swipe around on their apps, but the chances of either gender ending up with just one of them is exactly the same, because the exact same number and ratios are available today as before.

Take a math class before posting more nonsense.