Anonymous wrote:

By the way, do those single 30 year old women happen to be career-focused types?

Most women today are career-focused, just like men. Because, guess what, more women today are getting college degrees than men! But what difference does that make? Do you really want someone who just cooks and cleans and contributes no income to your home? LOL

What women in their 30's that I hear from, and also older and younger, among many things -- if you can believe this -- is that way too many guys want to do sexual positions which make no sense, but they are positions they've seen in porn. And I mean the kinds of positions where your leg is lifted on one side -- but for what reason -- it's uncomfortable and awkward. So what is it that's turning the guy on about the position -- IT'S A POSITION THAT IS NEEDED FOR THE CAMERA TO SEE THE PLUMBING IN ACTION! But there is no camera. And so these women say, "OK, that's just weird" and a big turn-off.

In fact, some of the women in their 30's prefer to date guys in their 50's because of this kind of silly immaturity on the part of their age peer men.

Another woman in her 30's was complaining that a guy up the street saw her walking the dog and somehow got her number.
Then he called, and called, and called, and called to such an extreme that it was ridiculous, and signaled to her that he was a potential stalker and perhaps too obsessed, and at the very least, seriously lacking in social skills. So, she also prefers dating guys a bit older and more mature.

People of both genders need to stop looking at thousands of photos and profiles and just start dating people who aren't initially the most attractive to get REAL EXPERIENCE with actually talking and getting to know people. The guy up the street from this woman obviously had little real experience, and had probably spent all his days looking at porn and swiping on Tinder and dreaming of "all those possibilities", which are not possibilities at all. Just nothing more than you can find next door if you can just act like a normal person.