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Escorting is a different issue entirely.

Yes, it's "different", but when you say "involuntarily celibate", they address that. So if you don't have sex, there is NOTHING involuntary about that. And as for your claim that it really is a stupid "code word" for love, I don't buy that either, because a lot of guys simply want to get laid, period, and would just move on once they've done it so they can brag to all the other guy sin the locker room. So don't feed me that bull.


Aside from the fact that it's illegal

Not really illegal, because you're not buying the sex directly in many cases, any more than you're buying the sex when you go on a date and you pay for the dinner and the movie. Even some escorts themselves have made that point, that what they were doing as escorts wasn't really very different from what they were doing when they were dating and all the guy really wanted was sex anyway. In fact, many escorts have regulars who they are good friends with in the first place. Not all that much different from a guy having a mistress and paying for her apartment.


and has a chance of giving the john an STD,

False. An escort is not any more likely to give you an STD than a woman you pick up in a bar. For one thing, escorts are more aware of how to keep safe. She has a reputation, and reviews on websites, etc. A random woman in a bar is often somebody you know NOTHING about and can't read a review about or anything.


it's not relevant to involuntary celibacy because the primary issue is relationship dynamics (or the lack thereof), not transactional sex.

The heck it isn't transactional sex in many cases. And escorts can also NOT be transactional too. You have way too much of a distinction in your mind between "whore" and "pure", like they are two different worlds or something, one where you "care about a person" and one "where you don't". That's funny.


The ratio of man to woman may be the same, but that doesn't mean one man can't have several women and constantly juggle them as "friends with benefits," which in all likelihood appears to be what's happening based on the disparity between male and female celibacy rates.

Has absolutely NOTHING to do with dating apps. You're just making up reasons for the disparity, which I doubt consistently shows up in other surveys. You're spending way too much time at the keyboard analyzing numbers to try to get a grip on how to get women and date -- you're way overthinking. You're too scared to meet real women and get real experience.