-----"The old stroke patient in a wheelchair who has to pay someone to change his diapers was a serial cheat who ran away from supporting his own children."

Really? How is that? How would you know about his life? Speculation? What if he was a widow with no children? Or a spouse who is disabled herself? To reach a conclusion that the old person playing someone to change his diapers because he cheated is nonsensical. There is no karma working here. Anyone, rich, poor, single or widowed can have a stroke and have to pay for physical care (even if they have a spouse or kids). It has nothing to do with behavior.

In fact, I don't have children. So if you see me in a few years, disabled, widowed and in a VA facility, is it because I had a poison tongue? Is that what people will think of me if I become disabled? Who know nothing of my past?