MDMA can be helpful to force a breakthrough. But only under the right circumstances. And it's not suitable for longer or wide spread therapeutic use. It's more something you would use only one or a couple times. And always with long waiting periods in between. It's not something you should take lightly. It also has the capacity to do more harm than good. Specially in a uncontrolled environment. But if used the right way, it can be helpful. I had mixed experiences with MDMA. It's not a wonder drug. But it has it's usefulness under the right circumstances.

Coming down from MDMA should also be planned. The use of MDMA for therapeutic or spiritual reasons should be a well prepared journey. Meaning a good healthy diet in the weeks before and after. You should be prepared for use and the trip itself. And you should be prepared for the aftermath. It's not something you should do when you have work planned the coming week. Coming down isn't always pleasant.