I believe in forgiveness, when it's asked for in a sincere way.
I was in a situation years ago when my siblings turned on me for no justification other than that's what my parents wanted them to do.
I was devastated and it took lots of therapy to heal.
My parents are now dead and my siblings are wanting to have contact. Now, I understand that my parents had a choke-hold on them, and they were trying to get along, but they were adults at the time. They have never, ever apologized for their part in throwing out of the family. So, I suppose that my understanding as to why they acted in the way they did is a form of forgiveness ( not sure ). But what I'm sure of is, that without the acknowledgement of the hurt they caused, I won't ever be able to trust them.
This a complicated issue for me, on top of that I feel like I'm not a loving person because I can't forgive.