Thank you for the fair-minded article.

As is usually the case, whether a health factor is causal is "It depends." I have a doggie. Just looking at him, let alone looking into his eyes is calming, which is health-promoting. I'm no aged (quite yet) so I have no real risk of tripping over him but he does force me out of my chair and to exercise a bit more than I otherwise would.

And then, of course, there's that important but perhaps underconsidered component of health: quality of life. He makes me happy: just seeing his cute face, seeing him climb onto the sofa to cuddle with my clients, having people say 'What a cute face. What kind is he?" (Some combo of mini poodle, basset, and cocker) and the joy of having someone (Yes he's a someone, not an it) who really needs me and seems to appreciate me. I have 2,000 square feet of house but my Hachi nearly always hangs out within foot or two of me.

Thank you for the fine article.