I can assure you that Had I not dumped my wife, I would have been dead long time ago. She was literally talking me to death. I just couldn't take it no more. I even encouraged her to go ahead and cheat on me. I don't care. I told her. So instead, I went out out and brought home to furry fluffy four legged friends. My life has been blessing since. Yes. It is true. Dogs make your life worth living. Just consider the fact that as soon as you turn that key to your front door, your best friend is setting inside and wagging its tail. And they don't care if you smell another woman's Perfume. Unlike your wife that would go for a butcher knife the moment she smelled someone else's perfume on you. Have a nice bitching life with someone else, "wife" because I am having a blast with my four legged friends. Good fucking riddance.