My wife and I attended a company function of her's a few weeks back. She works for a vet and so employees often bring their animals to these functions. At this particular one, we were sitting around a campfire and my wife's boss shows up with her two large dogs and happen to sit next to me. We've always been friendly and I do think she is attractive. When we greet we always give each other a hug. With that said, I'm sure she is happily married as am I.

Anyway, throughout the night, her dogs would take off, while on the leash and she would end up with her breast against my arm and shoulder. She's very curvy, so it was very noticeable. And she would make no attempt to move. This happened like a dozen times, it wasn't a one off.

Then, I also noticed that while the dogs were well behaved, laying next to the fire, her leg would end up touching mine. Neither of us made any attempt to move our legs away.

I'm not sure if she was aware of what she was doing, but I sure was! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't turn on by it. But I can assure the reader that I know it won't go any farther.

From what was written in this blog, it would appear that she was flirting but then again, maybe I'm just seeing something that wasn't there. Appreciate any insights.