I am introvert. I ended a relationship with an extrovert. She broke up with me via text while I was at work because I took to long to respond to her text about coming over that evening. Our plans were to meet the next morning, so I'd made plans to take care of a couple of things at home and enjoy the alone time. Yet, I was contemplating the mechanics and timing. If I had said "let me think about it", she might have responded differently. My quiet thinking disturbed her greatly, but it is how I process. I recognized that she needs to verbalize, so I met with her the next day to let her talk for hours. It was so hard, because I did not want to talk to her. She insisted that verbalizing things was the only way to resolve it. I told her that I needed time. Just give me time. She wouldn't give me the same respect as I had given her. She tried to get back together, but I declined because after some reflection I decided that her worst traits overwhelmed me. It was too much for me.

But saying to verbalize "I need to think about it" is great advice with the right person.