My wife is an extrovert and I'm an introvert. We have our differences. I can't do much more than 5 minutes of talking on the telephone, and she'll talk forever. She'll sometimes call 5 minutes after leaving the house and I'll feel irritated "Ugh, you just left! I didn't even have anytime to enjoy being alone!" She sometimes tells other people personal details about me that I would never share (even though I know objectively they aren't very interesting or "juicy", just personal). She also wants to go out with other people a lot more. However, we make everything work.

She texts me more than she calls. I will accompany her to parties/events occasionally and she'll go by herself sometimes (which of course, as an introvert, she doesn't mind). She doesn't get upset if I go off hiking or biking or upstairs to read. She understands I like beling alone and doesn't take it personally and I understand she doesn't divulge information to make me mad, it's just something that comes up in conversation when you talk a lot.

The best part is since she'll talk for hours, if I meet someone at a party that's talking my ear off, I'll grab her arm and say, "Oh, have you met my wife?" and then I head off somewhere else to let those two battle it out.