My husband is the extrovert. I am the introvert. It caused a lot of problems in the beginning of our relationship. Like Splint, I would get very annoyed that he would call me 5 times a day. I also got very annoyed if he divulged a lot of personal information. We have compromised. I think we have achieved the perfect balance to most things. He has improved in that he is a little more selective about what he tells people. I have improved in that I have learned from him how to be more social. I actually really enjoy myself when I am, but learning how to do so has been difficult for me. I think we both bring great things to the marriage. I keep him grounded. He helps pull me out of my comfort zone. He has been very successful with his own business since he is such an extrovert and I have been very successful working at a job I love working at home by myself. It is a great balance! I think the trick is to just know that they are not doing things just to annoy you. It is just how they are and you have to accept that just as they have to accept you as you are. If you can learn a few new things from each other, then that is even better!