Hello! Extrovert happily married to an introvert, here. Two suggestions to add to the list. We think through things differently. So…
1. Extroverts should accept introverts’ need to think about things before they answer in a discussion but, introverts, please, PLEASE say “I need to think about that” and don’t just go silent. Silence because you are thinking and silence because you are angry/upset look exactly the same to us extroverts and we need a heads up about which is which.
2. Also, introverts, please understand that, while you need to go silent and think internally (and that’s cool), extroverts often need to talk the issue through because that’s how our brains are wired (and that’s also cool). We are not talking just to hear ourselves talk. We are actually voicing our thought process. We can and should accept your thoughtful silences and we need you to accept our need think by talking it out.

These two things have helped my husband and me a lot.