I am both introverted and extroverted. I am friendly and enjoy socializing and going out but I also like staying in,having quiet time away from others. I am also open about certain topics but very private about others. My boyfriend is very introverted. Some of the issues that have arised is me thinking that something is wrong when he is overly quiet, or being more private than usual. I am able to share everything with him especially with regards to my feelings. He feels he is able to with me, but doesnt feel the need to always share how he's feeling. Sometimes, he simply prefers to be alone. I am usually very understanding of this but sometimes I feel left out in a sense.
He doesn't like going at all unless its an activity that I want to do and it also interests him. Essentially, he goes out to make me happy. Since we do have alot in common, this has been very nice. We don't go out often (again I like to stay in as well) but when we do its always enjoyable. I would say the only thing that can bother me is that it is always me making the plans, and coming up with fun things for us to do. Sometimes I wish he would come up with something or surprise me. However, he really isn't the type to do that.
All in all, I think we've compromised and adjusted to each other's needs. Nothing is perfect, so naturally there will be moments of frustration.