I am an introvert and my fiancee is extrovert. When we met we were both living in the heart of a small but very social city. I'm use to "game facing" it - I'm in sales, so sometimes I have to put on my "happy to be socializing and in the spotlight" face, so when we first started dating we went out a lot. But as things progressed and we got more comfortable with each other, and subsequently fell in love, there were definitely nights where she would go out and I would stay in. She understands and accepts that part of me. One, she knows that heavy socializing just wipes me out, and two, when I get wiped out like that, I'm not fun to hang out with, haha. But I still game face it when I need to, and she respects that I am doing it so is willing to compromise on how many events we go to, or how long we stay, or who does most of the talking, etc.

She does love to talk about everything - her day, feelings, gossip, etc. I happily listen, most of the time paying attention, and she gets it. She'll catch me sometimes and say "you're not listening are you?" and then laugh when I say no (obviously if it's something she really needs to talk about I'm there). But as Teresa noted above, she just needs to unload sometimes, so it doesn't upset her if I skip out of paying attention every now and then. Another thing that helps is the fact that I work from home, and when I am on the road and I am by myself, so I get plenty of "me" time throughout the day.

As we have gotten older (and we moved out of the city) we have both become content in our routines and know each other really well, so we're doing great. We have our special "going out nights" for her, and other times we'll just settle in and put in a movie or have our separate TV times (key to a relationship is to have two TVs, hah). We'll also swap on going out for dinner (which she loves) and staying in to cook a home meal (which I love). As long as one person is not being selfish in the relationship and putting their own needs ahead of their partners, everything works out.