I have had lots of arguments on intro-extro issues with her(she is more extrovert than me). Big age difference adds to it (me 43, she 23). Imagine us somewhere in the Middle East. After a year we had reached kind of balance by compromising and TRUST. But lately she warned me about a smile on facebook (to an old female friend who forms no danger at all). In my short FB conversation was no sign of flirting or whatever. That was why I suddenly got exploded by anger. Also because I mainly work home, and have almost no contact with other sex, so FB is the only socializing manner. Instead she goes to college, attends courses and meets lots of men and boys who might be interested in her friendly, chatty and sweet character. I had tolerated that without limiting her practically, as a matter of trust based on mutual love. So I told her: how you dare to blame me for an innocent smile-icon on FB, while you just came back from an exhibition, where you widely smiled to lots of men that you meet up on regular basis! It took us a heavy week till she finally gave up and excepted her mistake. But since I felt she did not mean it, I still tend to take revenge. Tonight I asked her not to call. But she did, and I blamed her for having fun with classmates, while she had claimed it was only for study. We do live apart, and I have the feeling she is trying to make a faithful sugar daddy of me. I am too rational, also too sensitive and can not accept such a role. She seems somehow confused and unchangeable. I hope more comments will help me to sort this out.