Linchpin - I feel I must defend extrovert here! You seem a little mad at us ;-) It is true my husband is much better at researching and knowing a topic thoroughly... but I do not think extroverts by rule speak out without knowledge. How old are these extroverts you are talking about... could this be a young issue.... when you are young you think you know everything, especially extroverts ;-) Also communication is key in regards to your last line "Yes, and extroverts also have an annoying habit of cutting down the intelligent insights of introverts only to later take credit for them." If someone is cutting you down have you tried talking to them? Same with taking credit for your ideas? I am reminded of an reoccurring situation with my husband and I.. we would be in a large crowd of people, he would say something funny and I would laugh and repeat it, someone would hear my comment (since I am louder than he is) and would credit me with the funny comment. I would not set the record straight because it was (to me) not important, just a little thing.. but he told me it bothered him, that he was feeling ignored and taken advantage of.. and I am now very careful to credit him! I am quick to make jokes and make fun of people... not sure if that is an intro/extro thing but it seems to be in my husbands and I's case... but once he explained to me how it bothered him I am now careful.. not only around him but all introverts.. I just did not know.. and knowledge is power!