I am trying to help my fellow introverts recognize that when it comes to what I call 'Functional Intelligence' and innovation potential they hold a distinct advantage over extroverts. After spending a good part of my life trying to explain (mostly to extroverts) some of my insights I just gave up. Call it whatever you want. There was a point where I had to accept that others weren't and probably never would 'get it'. This was when I started to embrace my introversion and leverage it.

What is generally referred to as 'intelligence' is, in my opinion, raw cognitive processing power. As such, the ability to process more information than others, to arrive at better conclusions with the information and especially to make connections between seemingly disparate bits of information is not in itself intelligence, it is intelligence potential. Pasteur said "In the fields of observation chance favours only the prepared mind". Discovery is seeing what no one else has seen but which has always been there for all to see.

By 'prepared mind' Pasteur meant a mind chock full of information. Introverts tend to be prolific readers. I certainly am. It is not unusual for me to read (usually simultaneously) 3 or 4 full length books per week on a wide range of subjects. This is in addition to reading a diverse mix of articles. With a prepared mind I can and often do make leaps and connections across multiple domains. I recently discovered fundamental errors that were 'drop dead obvious' to me that have been staring people in the face for about 10,000 years. But instead of trying to convince others of my position I simply filed a broad patent application on the solution.