I believe I understand what you're saying, and it's clear that you've got quite a lot of brain power up there :)

I would just like to point out the fact that a.) while introverts are usually more intelligent than extroverts - in any capacity - because of their ability to completely immerse themselves in a subject and store that information in their minds, I don't necessarily think it's accurate to say that introverts are smarter as a rule. An introvert can be just as ignorant as any extrovert. And b.) even if an extrovert doesn't have the ability or desire to delve into something the way introverts do, it doesn't necessarily make them any less intelligent, as a rule. Intelligence isn't just measured by an IQ test anymore. There are many facets to the mind, and just because something doesn't work for someone, doesn't mean it's wrong. Extroverts have a lot to offer the world as well.

I appreciate the points that you are trying to make in pointing out the advantage that introverts have over the loud, boisterous extroverts, but I don't feel that basically calling extroverts stupid is the best way to foster communication and understanding.