My husband, the extrovert, loves entertaining people at our home. I, the introvert, feel that my home is a place to escape the outside world. We've really had to compromise on this as it was a constant fight in the beginning. If it were up to him, he would entertain people at our home every weekend, and would encourage random drop-ins during the week/weekends. For him, the more the merrier, open invitation to all! If it were up to me, we would entertain a small number of guests maybe 3 times a year, and have a family member or friend over for a short, planned visit maybe once a month.

Our compromise: we don't have friends/family over often because it causes far too much anxiety for me, which in turn makes it a negative experience for him. But when we do agree to entertain (my husband now approaches the subject with the utmost delicacy), the number of guest is limitted to a number I feel is manageable. I'm still not happy about having people invade the sanctity of my home, but I have to compromise just as my husband has done for me.

Gone are the days that I need to leave my house in the middle of a party and sit in my car to escape the noise and mindless conversation. I still, however, escape to my room for a half hour or so to reenergize. When my husband is asked where I am, he proudly says, "she'll be back, she's just recharging". I love him so much for that!