I am introverted, my XH was extroverted. I'd say the main reason it couldn't work out between us was that he didn't know how to respect my space. I would tell him I need alone time, he'd say okay. But then he'd check in on me every 30 minutes ("do you need anything", "are you okay", etc). It's like he couldn't be alone for 30 mins.

When we'd go out in groups, he'd feed off the energy and become really loud and turn into a braggart, which would make me shrink more into the background and pretty much hate him. But strangely, at family functions, he would be the one to disappear, and I'd be left alone with his family, or mine.

IMHO, for it to work, both parties need to be respectful of what one another needs. My extroverted XH couldn't do it and after years w/o any alone time, I think I finally just snapped (there were other reasons, but that was a big one).