I'm an extreme introvert with an extreme extrovert. Hoping to be able to get a good standing on the crazy balancing act between us.
There are some positives that we often attribute to 'being so opposite we just work'. I appreciate his extroverted confidence that makes him open with his feelings and affection. He will talk my ear off on the phone without caring if I have much to say and loves that I listen well! Of course that beloved trait us introverts love that they take over all the talking in group situations and we can send them off happily with their friends for the night.
I'm still struggling to help him understand my introvertedness especially since I cannot handle being around the huge group of extrovert friends he has collected. Plus leaving me alone with them and expecting me to just make friends. He never has enough friends and likes to keep contact with my old friends that I don't necessarily want to see.
I have a huge fear of missing out (since I am not like others my age that appear to have more fun) and often force myself to spend lots of time out socialising with him but I am learning to realise that I am not going to miss anything or regret staying at home. I am sure there will be many more challenges to face when it comes to living together (especially when my beloved sanctuary will be invaded by crazy parties all the time). For now it's working well despite me being the type of girl he 'should've met in 5 years time when he's ready to settle down'.