I think my husband and I get along extremely well, despite me being very introverted, and him being an extroverted social butterfly. He is very chatty in public and has many friends where I do not. He likes to party and go out, but I dread it. At the same time I feel this is only a small part of the relationship and we found a good balance of staying in and going out, though sometimes he really has to drag me. If you agree on the large issues that make a relationship such as wanting children, which we always agreed not to, and future goals, boundaries, ect, you have a good shot of it working out. Really all you need for a good relationship is emotional health, compromise, trust, and of course love. Easier said than done, but from my experience those elements are in all successful relationships that I have seen, and maybe your social behaviors don't matter as much because at the end of the day it is what goes on between closed doors that matters.