I do see lots of couples where one is introverted and one is extroverted. They always have some kind of conflict going on and constantly complain about each other. From my personal experience - I'm an extrovert and I'm attracted to extrovert as well. Introverts piss me off, because they don't want to hang out with friends and don't need to be as close to each other as I need. But for some reason very few extroverts are attracted to me (usually they end up with a very quiet and shy girl), yet most introverts are all after me. It took me a while to find someone who is also fun and outgoing, and now we are together for 3 years and happy.

I've dated an introvert before for a while and it was a nightmare. We were fighting almost every week, because when we met, he, probably, wanted to impress me and was really fun and outgoing, but then with time he had to come back to his true self. So all he wanted to do is stay in and watch a movie, on vacation he preferred to lie down and read a book rather than hang out at the bar meeting new people or going to the disco at the beach at night, he wanted to spend most holidays (such as birthdays and New Years which are meant for huge parties) by having a dinner date with me etc. I'm so much happier now with the person who has as much energy and desire to be out and with friends as much as possible.

So my opinion is - for some reason introverts and extroverts are attracted to each other. But I don't understand why, and don't think its a good idea