My husband was married twice and I was married once before we met. We are both introverts who make the effort to practice good social skills, so people tend to be shocked and express disagreement when I classify both of us as introverts. However, we both find that people tend to drain us; that we prefer to be alone most of the time, and our need for activities that include other people is fairly low.

We do our best to engage with other people on a regular basis. However, it is a challenge to make and keep friends since we require little to no contact over long stretches of time. The people who understand this about us and respect it, we consider our genuine friends. Others - who demand, and attempt to guilt us for, more contact, we have learned to let go as gently as possible.

It would seem that few people understand that someone can genuinely care about them, and not want to talk to them every day or know what they ate for dinner, and what they watched on TV and care too deeply about the ongoing dramas in their lives. We have been accused of being aloof, stuck-up, depressed, of isolating ourselves, and of hating everybody - none of which is true!