The Communication Disorder category in the DSM5 as of the last public revision released was reworked to include several newly described and defined communication disorders, including Social Communication Disorder, SCD, that are not currently described in either the ICD9 or ICD10, per link and reference below.

There is this same issue with many of the other changes in the DSM5. It has already been identified that the DSM5 will include "crosswalk" codes for all the new disorders for both the ICD9 and ICD10.

There is no chance that the ICD11 is going to add Social Communication Disorder under a classification with Autism Spectrum Disorder because SCD has already been classified as a Communication Disorder. The ICD11 will likely include a specific code for SCD along the other new communication disorders, under the general category of Communication Disorders, but until that time there will be a "crosswalk" code listed in the DSM5 for the ICD9 and ICD10 per referenced link below:

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