Kate married into wealth but in many ways she is exhibiting noveau riche attitudes. ie. Going millions over budget with renovations and ripping out of kitchens in Anmer Hall and Kensington Palace. Yes Kate shed pregnancy weight but went too far, now appearing anorexically thin. Not something to be copied. Then there are the issues of Kate and her exhibitionistic tendencies being caught on camera for the world to see; not wealth related as much as a stunting of her development somewhere along the line. She tries hard to 'be' wealthy with a acquired accent and expensive clothing coupled with cocker spaniel hair that is always blowing about, but in Kate's case true aristocrats are avoiding her. Remember, she comes from a social climbing birth family (Kate and Pippa were called 'Wisteria Sisters'; a plant that climbs as well as grafts itself onto any surface.) Hence whatever issues Kate has as a wealthy mother come from her copying the uber-wealthy. Copying, not coming from. There is a huge difference in that regard. Noveau Riche over spend; Old money wealthy live in a slightly understated manner. Kate comes across as a copy, a fake, and for this reason she is a poor subject, so very common, as not to be relevant to the precis the author is trying to put forward: that mothers who are rich are different. Those born into wealth yes are different. But those pretending to be of that set are not. Kate is in the latter category. Forever striving but never arriving. Pity, that.